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WP1 - Management costs 1.1 Project proposal
1.2 Coordination and management of project implementation
1.3 Organization of Meetings
1.4 Financial and progress report management
1.5 Monitoring and evaluation plan of project
WP2 - Information and Publicity 2.1 Communication Plan
2.2 Project communication toolkit
2.3 Project web site and social media
2.4 Organization of events
WP3 - Social Accessibility Models 3.1 New models of intervetion for social inclusion New models of intervetion for social inclusion in Italy and Greece
3.2 Mapping and localization of the historical assets of the project area
3.3 Organization of workshops in Italy and Greece
3.4 Selection of 20 trainers and 40 trainees to be involved in the project actions
WP4 - Physical and virtual accessibility interventions   4.1 Accessibility interventions in Western Greece
4.2 Accessibility interventions in Puglia, Italy
4.3 Editing of contents for virtual routes
4.4 Accessibility interventions through digital infrastructures
WP5 - The cultural action plan for social inclusion     5.1 Awareness Testing phase based on theatre for disables and operators
5.2 Cross border theatrical training session for disabled people
5.3 Τheatre laboratories in Greece and Italy
5.4 Final Theatre Show organization in Greece and Itay
5.5 Evaluation and Editing of cross border measures


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social facebooksocial facebooksocial facebook

Project co-funded by European Union, European Regional Development Funds (E.R.D.F.) and by National Funds of Greece and Italy